Alena 3d model


    Alena is a next generation 3d model that uses complex skinning, advanced materials and lightning. It is build in 3dsmax 2014 (x64) and rendered with mental ray. Alena is a result of a very high development of my previous model: Alesia 3d. While containing all the previous model benefits Alena is brand new model in almost any aspect: from polygonal topology and UV - to materials, hairs and lightning.

Price: $ 699.00


Alesia 3d Model


    The model was built in 3DS MAX 9. Figure and clothes are rigged and skinned with Character Studio. Skin_morph modifier used for additional correction on the figure and clothes. Morpher modifier used for mimic and Hair builded with Hair & Fur.

Price: $ 299.00


Alesia 3d Model [Extended]


    The model pack was built on the original Alesia 3d Model pack. Extended version gives you all the Standart License rights plus the ability to re-sell modified Alesia 3D model. It also includes original layered textures and additional help information for developing.


Morph Manager (script)


    Morph manager takes all active morph channels from "Morpher" modifier and places them in one interface - easy to read and manipulate with.. You can use it not only for modifying channels within morpher modifier - but also for storing states and loading existing ones. Created for 3DS MAX 9 and higher.



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