Alesia 3d Model [Extended]

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    *.max (9-2011)~405 MB

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 The Extended version of Alesia 3d Model includes:


  • Extended License Agreement - that gives you all the Standart License rights plus the ability to re-sell modified Alesia 3D model with almost one restriction: re-selled model must have a different look than the original one. Read Extended (custom) License Agreement to get more info.
  • Original layered .tiff textures are included (~335 Mb)
  • Additional help file alesia_dev.chm - in which I describe how-to change the model while keeping all skinning and deformations intact.

         In general Alesia 3D model [Extended] gives you the ability to build your own model(s) based on the original Alesia 3D Model and have a profit from its re-selling or using its in any project or program. You can build your own models by changing the shape and topology of the mesh, applying new texture and displace maps, building complex skin shaders, adding new hair styles and clothing and so on while getting all the benefits of the original model: full rig setup, excellent skinning, very complex additional skin deformations, and precise facial morph setup. See description below to see what is basically included in the pack.




        Alesia 3d model was built in 3dsMAX9 SP2 - so all further versions of MAX are supported. No external plugins was used. All previews was made with display gamma set to 1.8 and rendered with default scanline render. No photoshop was used. Standart MAX`s materials were used - so you can use it in MAX without any plugins. But if needed it can be easily converted for using with any popular renderer: Vray,Brazil,mental ray.


        Figure and clothes are rigged and skinned with Character Studio (biped + physique) and skin_morph modifier for additional correction on the figure and clothes.

        Morpher modifier used for facial morphs. Plus I have included special script that makes working with facial morphs much easier.

        Hair was built with Hair & Fur. I have also included special plugin (script) for Hair-gamma correction. It makes working with H&F more predictable.

        All additional tools are described in alesia_ref.chm.


        Alesia figure has ~20000 un-subdivided poligons(quad only), 50 facial morphs, excellent physique skining (with very precise per-vertex adjustments). Plus skin_morpher modifier (85 channels) on top of it. All this makes skin behaviour on extreme bending angles almost perfect. It took many hours to get such a good result and make all correction_morphs to work seamlessly. And i bet you have never seen the model that deforms so good as Alesia 3d Model for that price.


        Alesia has textures of very high resolution 7000x5250 for Body and 5000x3400 for Head. Besides 95% (exept genitals and mouth) of Alesia`s UV coordinates has been made for maximum match with DAZ3D Victoria 3 ones.


        Included props: bikini, shoes, earrings, tail lace. See additional images to get high resolution renders and read alesia_ref.chm to get more info. You can also watch video preview of working with the model.


    Additional images:

    download images (2Mb)


    Video preview:

    download HQ (32.6Mb)





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