Extended License Agreement

- This Extended End User License Agreement will be referred to as the License.
- Members who downloads free or priced items will be referred to as Buyers.
- Creator of the Product (goodman3d.com) will be referred to as Seller.
- All items, free and priced, will be referred to as Products.

License Grant for transmission of Content from Seller to Buyer

For any transmission of Product from a Seller to Buyer, the following terms apply:

1. Valid License.

Any license rights relating to Product For Sale via Seller are contingent upon the transfer of money from the Buyer to the Seller. All license rights terminate immediately and without notice if a sale is reversed for any reason.

2. Rights Granted.

When a priced Product is purchased and downloaded, a rights is granted by License to the original Buyer only:

a. To use the files included in Product, for any display purposes or commercial applications such as advertising, video game, simulation, film, television, print, or software.

b. To Freely re-distribute the Product (or its part) on any 3rd party store in any form and keep the profits on sites such as www.turbosquid.com and others or through Buyers own projects or provide the Product's content (or its part) to use in programs such as Poser, DAZ3D Studio and others.

c. Buyer can only re-distribute Product's Base Content (or its part) including: objects mesh topology, rigging, morph setup, UV layout, clothing, hair, materials and external texture files provided on the understanding that the Product will have to take on an entirely new identity than the original Product.

d. Buyer must not re-distribute the exact likeness of the Product (or its part).
Any additional files that are not an integral part of the Product appearance: help files, scripts and motion setup files are prohibited for re-distribution.

3. Confidential Information.

Shall be defined to include the Product's content, any software, source code, object code, documentation and any proprietary tools, proprietary knowledge or proprietary methodologies disclosed by Seller to Buyer under this License. Buyer shall observe complete confidentiality with respect to the Confidential Information, and shall use its best efforts and take all reasonable steps to protect such from any use, reproduction, publication, disclosure, or distribution except as specifically authorized by License.

4. Returned Product.

In the event a Buyer returns any Product, whether acquired by Valid Sale or freely available for download, all license rights granted herein terminate and the Buyer must immediately destroy any and all copies contained on any type of media under the control or possession of the Buyer.